No matter where or who you are in life the things you do create memories. When one become two. When two becomes three. When you learn to live by a motto. Everything you experience is part of you who you are and sometimes you need to remind yourself of what makes you strong, happy, and gives you meaning.

It all started with one hammer, a few round metal pieces, and a black roll of thread. This was in late 2017 and the idea was to spread messages by adding words, phrases, or personalised text on jewellery that could be worn every day.

Now 3 years later and a lot of hand stamped bracelets later we decided to expand our vision. While we love our customers in Sweden, we want to make it possible for all customer in Europe to enjoy our jewelleries and with new countries comes a new brand and an elevated assortment of jewelleries. We are still the same team, with the same values and care for your special moments.

We engrave all our jewelleries in our production facility in the south of Sweden. We decided to invest in a top modern laser engraving machine that give us endless possibilities to engrave your message on our hand selected jewellery.

NOVALEE JEWELLERY was founded on the wish of being the one who remind you of the moments and memories that made you the wonderful person you are today.